Student/staff conduct

Concerns or complaints are taken seriously by AOT, and a record is maintained as part of our continuous improvement strategy.  To ensure a satisfactory outcome for all, AOT provide a two (2) step process for students and potential students to follow so that AOT may have the opportunity of rectifying the matter immediately.

Student responsibilities

AOT students are required to maintain specific standards of conduct during their learning journey. These standards include:

  • Behave in a non-discriminatory manner to other students and staff members
  • Attend the virtual classroom and Live Chat free of intoxication from drugs or alcohol
  • All assessments submitted is your own work
  • Commit to the chosen course and making reasonable progress through their studies


Plagiarism will be treated as student misconduct. When a trainer assessor suspects alleged plagiarism in student assessments, the Group Training Manager will be notified and then an investigation will begin. Plagiarism may result in the student being terminated from their course. Students using information and ideas by others must fully acknowledge the source with appropriate referencing. Plagiarism can be defined as copying published information without acknowledgement of the source and presenting the work as your own. The misconduct of plagiarism may result in the student being terminated from their course. No refund applies.

Participants confirm the authenticity of work submitted as being their own as part of the terms and conditions of enrolment. Assessment responses that are a direct copy and paste from the learning content of the course will be returned to the student to re submit in their own words to demonstrate understanding.

Any participant that has received a suspension or termination of their enrolment has the right of appeal through our appeals process.

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Harassment by a student, toward another student or toward a staff member, will be treated as student misconduct, management will be notified to initiate an investigation and action into misconduct. The misconduct of harassment may result in the student being terminated from their course. Harassment may include: bullying, verbal or written abuse, offensive messages by telephone, emails, text messaging or persistent contact and of a sexual nature.

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Staff responsibilities

All staff members of AOT are required to:

  • conduct themselves in a professional manner in any circumstances connected with work
  • ensure a safe and healthy environment for all participants undertaking activities AOT
  • respect the confidential nature of information and intellectual property acquired by AOT and practice impeccable standards of confidentiality
  • not discriminate in any manner and not behave in any manner considered to be offensive, violent or harassing
  • contribute to a professional, supportive and respectful team environment.

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Student and staff rights

AT AOT, all students and staff members have the right to:

  • to be free from discrimination based on age, gender, race, national origin, or religion
  • record a concern, complaint or appeal
  • be advised of any complaints which relate to them
  • be responded to when submitting a request or question
  • have their privacy protected.

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