Concerns and complaints

Concerns or complaints are taken seriously by AOT, and a record is maintained as part of our continuous improvement strategy.  To ensure a satisfactory outcome for all, AOT provide a two (2) step process for students and potential students to follow so that AOT may have the opportunity of rectifying the matter immediately.

Step one:  Raising a concern

If a student or potential student has a concern this should be raised, in the first instance, through one of the below avenues for action:

  • Telephone: 1300 72 66 34
  • Email:
  • Live Chat: available to enrolled students through their on line course

The details of the concern will be directed to the relevant departmental manager and a response will be generated within three (3) business days of receipt of the concern.

If you have found the results of Step One unsatisfactory, you can initiate a complaint by instigating Step Two.

Step two: Initiating a complaint

For students wishing to initiate a complaint with AOT, please click on the contact us form.  Ensure you select the category Feedback/Complaints and provide details of the situation, where the original concern was directed, and date of occurrence. A manager will contact you to conduct a full review. The complaint will be responded to in writing within seven (7) business days.

External appeal

If the student is not satisfied with the outcome, and it has not been resolved within sixty (60) days, the student may request that the matter be referred to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or an independent third party for review. AOT are not responsible for any third party costs incurred by the student. For information regarding making a complaint to ASQA click the following link:

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