Submitted assessments will be assessed and returned, with feedback, to the student within ten (10) business days.

All assessment tasks within a unit of competency must be successfully completed to be deemed as Competent. Students are provided with three (3) attempts at each assessment task to achieve a satisfactory outcome (100% pass mark) of that task, and are provided with written feedback and guidance following each attempt.

Please refer to the Policies/Procedures section of this handbook to review the appeals process.

Some assessments require a meeting with your assessor, these are completed through a virtual classroom (online).

Virtual classroom assessment takes place at a mutually agreed time between the student and the assessor through ‘Microsoft Teams’ software. The following will then occur:

  1. An email confirmation is to be sent immediately the appointment is made.
  2. Students will receive a reminder email twenty four (24) hours prior to the assessment appointment, and;
  3. The assessor is to send the student a Microsoft Teams invite ten (10) minutes prior.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

AOT acknowledges the skills and knowledge gained through previous studies, work and life experience. To be deemed as eligible for RPL, students must undertake an interview with an assessor and submit the required evidence. Each RPL application is based on individual units of competence and is assessed according to the relevant training package rules.

AOT ensures that the total evidence provided by the student demonstrates she or he already has current skills and knowledge in all requirements of the unit.

The following may also be taken into account during your assessment:

  • your performance in paid and unpaid work experience
  • results from formal or informal training and education

To have your prior learning recognised, you must be able to show that your skills are still current and meet today’s industry standards. You will need to produce recent evidence of your skills and knowledge. You will also need to provide contact details of people who can confirm your abilities. These people might be supervisors or others who have seen your skills in action.

All evidence provided must be clearly labelled and demonstrate your involvement in the topic. You are also required to submit an evidence checklist which lists each piece of evidence submitted for RPL assessment.

To apply for RPL, book an appointment with one of our trainers and assessors using our online booking calendar. Instructions can be found under ‘Help and Support’, in the side bar of your sauceLMS dashboard.

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Credit transfer

AOT accepts and provides credit to students for equivalent units of competency which are evidenced by AQF certification documentation issued by an RTO or AQF authorised issuing organisation, or authenticated VET transcripts issued by the Registrar.

With student authorisation, AOT will authenticate each Qualification and/or Statement of Attainment with a record of results. AOT will contact the organisation that issued the document to confirm the content is valid. If the issuing organisation is no longer operating, AOT cannot authenticate documentation, therefore students should contact ASQA regarding their past student records or allow AOT permission to view the VET Transcript if these training records are listed in the student’s USI account.

Credit transfer does not apply if the unit code, of the unit being transferred, is different and is noted as “not equivalent” on In these instances, the student may choose to apply for RPL of that unit of competency.

To apply for a Credit Transfer, instructions can be found under ‘Help and Support’, in the side bar of your sauceLMS dashboard.

If you would like to know more about Credit Transfer options, prior to enrolment, contact our sales coordinator for more information by clicking on the ‘Live Chat’ icon on our website or calling 1300 72 66 34.

Credit transfer is not applicable to enrolment in an AOT course that will receive a Statement of Attainment.

AOT are not obliged to issue a qualification that is achieved wholly through recognition of units completed at another RTO or issuing organisation.

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Timelines for issue of Qualifications and Statement of Attainments

Qualifications will be issued within 21 calendar days of the issue of results unless an appeal against assessment has been lodged. Refer to AOT Issuance Policy.

A certificate will only be re-issued to student on receipt of a written request and payment of fees, if required.

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