Withdraw from enrolment

Eligible cancellation during orientation period

Should a student wish to cancel within the orientation period of 14 days, provided the student has not accessed more than four units of the course, they may do so in the first instance by completing the Contact Us form located in your course.

Cancellations, received during the orientation period will receive a refund of course fees paid, however a cancellation fee of $150 will be withheld to cover trainer and/or administration costs. Statement of Attainment/s will not be issued.

If a student has successfully completed units within the orientation period and still wishes to withdraw, an individual unit price will be calculated for each unit completed. The amount will be added to the cancellation fee and withheld prior to a refund being issued. A Statement of Attainment will be issued. Refer to AOT Refund and Withdrawal policy for further information.

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Cancellation of course by Accredited Online Training

Should AOT cancel a course for any reason, students enrolled at the time AOT announces the cancellation will be entitled to a full refund. This will not incur any administrative charges or penalties. Statement of Attainment will be issued for units successfully completed.

Withdrawal from course after enrolment

A student may withdraw from enrolment at any time by giving notice in writing to AOT. He or she will be given recognition for any satisfactorily completed units to date. Withdrawal from a course after the orientation period will result in automatic forfeit of the course fee. A Statement of Attainment will only be issued for any satisfactorily completed units for which fees have been paid in full.

Withdrawal due to unavailable units

Should AOT be unable to provide all units to meet the student's course completion, the following will apply:

  • course fees paid will be refunded in full, and
  • no Statement of Attainment will be issued on any unit, or
  • course fees paid on any unavailable unit/s will be refunded, and
  • a Statement of Attainment will be issued for satisfactorily completed units

Withdrawal due to illness or hardship

In the case of a student who withdraws from a course or program due to illness or extreme hardship, AOT may, at its discretion, allow a refund of the fees.

Please refer to AOT’s Terms and Conditions for details.

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Course cancelation due to no USI provided

In the case of a student not supplying their USI to be verified, AOT may take the measure of cancelling the student enrolment. This may only occur if the student has not responded to phone calls, voice messages and emails from AOT regarding the submission of their USI.

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