Admissions and enrolments

AOT is committed to providing quality administration services in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, AOT:

  • provides comprehensive and transparent information about services and enrolment process
  • applies the principles of access and equity in supporting prospective students to gain entry into the course of their choice
  • adheres to policies at all times throughout the enrolment process

Applications for enrolment will be processed within two (2) business days which includes:

  • provision by email of a link to our enrolment form after payment is received
  • an invoice is issued and the completed enrolment form is processed, which includes the student’s acceptance of AOT ‘Terms and Conditions’ and the ‘Student Handbook’
  • student is then provided with course log in details by email

If there is a delay in payment or return of completed enrolment form, the above timeline may extend.

Course enrolment is complete when AOT issues the student a username and password for online course access.

  • AOT and the student or client will agree on a date for online course access, this date will be known as the agreed course commencement date.
  • Course duration is effective from the agreed course commencement date.
  • Login access to available units will be active as at the agreed course commencement date.
  • A student will be deemed to have commenced their course at the time of login on or after the agreed commencement date.
  • The course is non-transferable once the student has commenced.
  • Payment of full fess/prepaid fees/payment plan deposit must be received by AOT before course enrolment can proceed. Payment plan is not applicable for discounted programs or non-residents of Australia. Also refer to payment information section of this handbook.

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Orientation period

All students have an orientation period of fourteen (14) days which commences from the date their username and password for online course access has been issued.

Students may enrol, log into their course, conduct the LLN test provided, and trial the course. AOT believe that this fourteen (14) day orientation period allows the student to determine if the level of qualification and mode of delivery is suitable for them. This process also allows our team to assess your needs and provide any necessary support.

If the student or AOT determine within the orientation period that the level of qualification or learning style is not suitable, then the student is withdrawn as per our Refund and Withdrawal Policy.

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Individual Training Plan

An Individual Training Plan (ITP) will be issued to each student, once the enrolment process has been completed. This plan will provide a summary of units and highlight any credit transfers applied.

You are encouraged to complete one unit of competency at a time, before moving on to the next. The order of units in your ITP is the recommended order of study and reflects the order of units listed in your course. If you wish to complete more than one unit at the same time, please discuss this with your trainer, so that you may be guided.

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Helpful tips

If you would like to study with Accredited Online Training (AOT) here are a few helpful tips to guide you through your studies.

When can I enrol?

With AOT you can enrol anytime that suits you. Courses can be purchased online 24 hours a day or over the phone by calling our toll free number during business hours.

How long is my enrolment?

Your enrolment timeframe will depend on the course you enrol into. Keep in mind your enrolment is valid for a specific period of time, as stated on each program or course, or as agreed on any special offers. After this time your course will expire and your access will be closed. The duration of AOT courses are in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework.

When does my enrolment commence?

Enrolment commences once AOT issues you a username and password for online course access as per the agreed course commencement date. All program and course durations are very generous, however if you do not complete your program or course within the specified enrolment period, you have the opportunity of applying for a course extension, or if you choose not to extend, you will be issued with a statement of attainment for any units you have completed to date.

Read the course information before you enrol to ensure you:

  • have determined that the learning outcomes meet your needs
  • can follow the order of study and assessment requirements as outlined in the program
  • have met the entry requirements for the course
  • have noted any additional resources required meet the literacy and numeracy requirement for the course you are enrolling in
  • meet the requirements of any State or Federal funding programs ( if applicable)
  • have the minimum requirements for computer/internet access

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